Friday night – Combined high visibility in the suburbs

Friday night saw a combined visibility operation taking place with Neighbourhood Watches, SAPS, Law Enforcement and Security Companies.

The purpose was to provide high visibility and to deter anyone with any criminal intent.

Pleased to report that during the period of the ops NO criminal incidents were reported.

Besides the many Law Enforcement vehicles, most of who are auxiliary volunteers, SAPS and security vehicles, there were 78 volunteer neighbourhood watch vehicles.

The area from Wynberg to Kirstenhof, from Plumstead to Constantia was a sea of blue and orange lights.

Many suspicious persons reported in were checked and profiled by SAPS members, LPR alerts responded to and vehicles/occupants checked.

Many thanks to the Plumstead NW who during a brief break midway through the evening, provided snacks and hot beverages for all participants.

In closing, appreciation to all, especially the volunteers, SAPS and reservists, LE and auxiliaries, security companies (BH, Combat, FADT, National, Premier, Prosec, TSU,  Zone) – and of course the wonderful controllers at CVIC who see to all the radio coordination, verification of LPR alerts, fielding of phone calls etc.


4th June 2019


DIEP RIVER– On 2019-05-31 between 18:00 – 02:00 Diep River SAPS held a joint operation with Law Enforcement, Neighbourhood Watches, and Security Companies.

Three (3) VCP’s (Vehicle Check Point) were held where 137 vehicles were stopped and 22 fines were issued to the value R20, 500.00. 32 persons were checked on AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) where one male suspect, aged 43, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for over 25 years for the charge of Murder. In a separate incident, another male suspect, aged was arrested for Possession of Mandrax.

The operation was a success with little to no crime reported over the operation.

This office would like to thank all Role-players both internal and external, namely our Members, Reservists, Law Enforcement Permanent and Auxiliary, Neighbourhood Watches, Constantia Valley Watch Control Room and Security Service Providers for their dedication and contribution towards the fight against crime.



Constable Zak Marais 079 894 0105

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