Premier Security Officers

Anthony Vermeulen and Mario Thomas.

After an Alert went out over one of the whatsapp groups of an intruder on premises, Anthony being the dedicated vehicle for that area, responded immediately.

Upon his arrival, he noticed that the driveway gate had been forced open, so he then called for backup from his colleague Mario.

Anthony then spotted the suspect in the resident’s vehicle who then fled on foot, attempting to first jump into Anthony’s open vehicle but with no avail.

Anthony gave chase but unfortunately the suspect managed to get away. A description of the suspect was put over the CVIC community radio network and volunteer NW patrollers where requested to keep a lookout for the suspect.

Premier then received a call from a client in Kirstenhof to inform them that they had a suspect on their premises. Anthony and Mario Responded to this and the suspect was then spotted by a volunteer patroller fleeing the scene down Steenberg Road in Norfolk Park.

Mario and Anthony managed to apprehend the suspect and informed SAPS of the incident. The SAPS vehicle arrived and the members uplifted the suspect for further questioning and detention.

We would like to thank Anthony and Mario for their hard work that they show every day that they put on their Premier uniform.

Between Anthony and Mario, they have over 15 arrests throughout their career with Premier Security. These are two of the most dedicated response officers and we would like to thank them for their amazing work.

Footnote: “Thank you to Premier Security from us all in the Constantia Valley – your enthusiasm and teamwork with all role players, SAPS, patrollers and other security companies is appreciated.”

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