Constantia Watch SRT members certified Level 1 First Aid

We would like to thank Constantia/Nova Constantia Watch residents who so generously contribute to the Watch for operational costs – registered as a PBO (public benefit organisation).

One of our recent spends has been on further training of the CW SRT (special response team) members to directly benefit residents.

We engaged with Medical Educational Centre, who provided a full day course to all of our SRT members, providing them with a First Aid course for first responders. After the course, all wrote and passed an exam.

They have subsequently all been provided with Level 1 First Aid Certificates valid for 3 years.

We are very proud of them, and know that it will provide you the resident with a greater degree of comfort, that our men are trained and qualified to deal with L1 First Aid and able to handle matters until the full medics arrive in the event of an incident.

Thank you to Medical Education Centre who are Accredited by the Department of Labour in Terms of the General Safety Regulations, Certificate Number CI 159 and Accredited by MERSETA, Accreditation Number 17-QA/ACC/1430/18.

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