Clean-up operation – structures in greenbelts

2018/01/05 – clean-up operation – initiated by Constantia Watch Ops and SRT, assisted by City Law Enforcement officials with both our own community Law Enforcement Cars which are paid for via Constantia Watch residents contributions, and our Law Enforcement Auxiliaries (thanks to them for their time). Special thanks to Uitsig Farm for assisting us with their truck.

Constantia main off ramp 1x structure; Pump house 3x structures; On ramp Constantia direction Muizenberg 1x structure; old dump site 1x structure

This is the second major clean-up. Last week see below.

Whilst we recognise and accept that many of the homeless are not people with criminal intent, we have to also caution residents that several are. This is clear by the pictures above of cell phones and tools found in some of the makeshift shelters.

The Constantia Watch SRT have often assisted SAPS, and several times when they have checked people among the homeless they have found suspects wanted via their fingerprints – for periods ranging from 2 – 12 years, and offences ranging from Murder, House Robbery, Burglary to Theft.

We ask you – please do NOT encourage them into the area:

  • Do not feed them – there are shelters where they can get a meal
  • Do NOT put your refuse bins out the night before – ONLY on the morning of collection
  • See City web HERE
  • For more information on Homeless click HERE