Teamwork pays dividends

On Friday evening the 2017-05-12 Diep River and Kirstenhof SAPS Reservists in partnership with The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement and various Neighbourhood Watches, conducted a high visibility and crime prevention operation across the valley, under the watchful eye and guidance of Wynberg Ops.

The operation consisted of SAPS Reservists, over 50 Law Enforcement officers (several of whom were volunteers), Neighbourhood Watch members and response officers from various SSPs (security service providers).

The evening resulted in some excellent successes including arrests for possession of an illegal firearm (just after a street robbery and this suspect may be linked to other similar cases in the area), possession of narcotics, 3 warrants of arrest and the arrest of suspect wanted for murder. The arrest of these suspects could potentially lead to the closing and finalisation of several pending cases.

During VCPs (vehicle check points), over 330 vehicles were checked, and over R50,000 in fines were issued by Law Enforcement for various offences ranging from expired license disc to driving without a driver’s license as well as a number of warnings issued to motorists who continue to disobey basic traffic laws such as driving without a seatbelt for their own safety.

Several LPR alerts were attended to and vehicles/suspects dealt with accordingly.

The influx of flashing lights through the valley and phenomenal team collaboration resulted in lower than normal crime being reported for the entire weekend. This highlights the value in having high visibility in the area in an effort to eradicate crime from our streets.

A HUGE Thank You to those volunteers who continue to selflessly give up their time and resources to the community, your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Footnote – during the early hours of Friday morning a huge success was achieved when a vehicle stolen in Claremont a few days earlier, triggered systems when entering the Valley. Response was immediate and further information can be read here –

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