Theft of Wheelie Bins

Good day After our crime meeting that took place today 8th May 2017 it has come to our attention that once again wheelie bin / refuse bin thefts are being stolen in the Diep River Precinct. This office would request your assistance in sending out communication tips to the relevant Neighbourhood watches under the Constantia Valley Watch Association to disseminate to their respective community areas.

Pointers to consider:

  • Place your wheelie bin out on the morning of collections only and not the night before.  Criminals use these wheelie bins if left out the night before for various things eg. Carrying of stolen goods, a ladder to assist in climbing over high walls.
  • Paint your street name and number on the bin – make it your own (paint a colour onto it)
  • Vagrants use these bins to make fires with on cold nights to help keep warm as the plastic burns for a longer period of time.
  • If you cannot place your bin out on time for day of collection, arrange with your neighbours to assist each other and vice versa – one week you place out they bring in, etc.

Let us work together in reducing crime to zero. Start with the small things that will later effect the latter. We also would like to thank you all for your dedication and time in making this community a safer place for all. Thanking you

Cst Toring / Cst Marais


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