Great ARREST by Kobus of the Constantia Watch SRT team.

Great ARREST by Kobus of the Constantia SRT team.

On Saturday afternoon 29/09/2018 a resident in Uitsig Road Constantia, alerted CVIC control of a suspicious male who had rung her door bell, claiming to be the gardener next door. Fortunately this resident has read the emails and early warnings. This male, clean looking, medium build, light of complexion African male, mid-forties and well-spoken rings the bell. His modus is to say that he is either from Telkom – needs to check lines – or – from Electricity department and needs to check plug points – or – that he is the gardener from next door and wants to trim branches. Once inside he distracts the resident by asking for – use of the toilet – or – needs an extension lead – or – asks for a glass of water. He then steals whatever he can close at hand, cell phones, tablets, jewelry etc and leaves in a hurry.

CW SRT responded quickly and recognised the male sitting in the rear of a small sedan taxi that was just leaving from the vicinity of the resident’s home. He followed the taxi and relayed his position constantly to SAPS Wynberg Ops who in turn relayed the location and direction to the marked SAPS vehicles. The taxi was stopped on the M3 by SAPS Wynberg members and the suspect male detained by SRT for further questioning by detectives on a number of cases registered at SAPS Diepriver, Kirstenhof and Wynberg.

REQUEST – if you have had an experience with this male – whether you have opened a case or not – please send an email to Det/Cpt Alexander who is kindly coordinating various dockets – – if you opened a case pls state date/time and station case number – if you did NOT open a case – please STILL send an email with your details, address, date/time of incident and a brief explanation of what happened.

The more information and experiences that are able to be provided will assist in ensuring that the courts can be shown a pattern of modus operandi and the more likelihood of a greater conviction.

Some of the incidents known to us:


Date Time Street Name Clothing Description Notes
27/04/2018 11h00 Ivy Lane, Tokai No clothing description Resident reported a B/M ( medium height, well  spoken) posing as a tree cutter. He walks with a large Notebook
27/04/2018 13h10 Avery Avenue, Constantia white Shirt with Denim Resident reported a light skinned C/M ( shaved head, white shirt with denim  also walking with a notebook
27/04/2018 13h20 Lewis Drive, Constantia dressed in a grey pants and white shirt Light skinned B/M, reported he was busy cutting trees at the neighbors
27/04/2018 No Time James Barry Avenue, Constantia Well dressed, well groomed Male walking with a clipboard claiming to cut trees, but the resident wouldn’t let him in
31/07/2018 11h15 Avenue Beauvias, Constantia Well dressed, well groomed The resident let him in and he said he needed to check from the upstairs bedrooms to cut the hedges of the trees. Description of suspect was well build with a haversack and text book under his arm saying he is a tree cutter
31/07/2018 12h30 Ladies mile service road, Bergvliet orange backpack – blue cap – white shirt with blue fine blocks Resident reported the unknown male ( light skin B/M- text book under his arm- might be 5 foot 8 in height ) – came to her premises and said he needed to check the back yard because he needs to trip her neighbors hedges of the trees
07/08/2018 10h15 Monterey Drive, Constantia No description 1 B/M was seen by the resident, but didn’t hear any vehicle . The resident’s necklace and laptop was stolen from the premises
31/07/2018 12h25 Starke road, Bergvliet red and yellow backpack He then told the carer he needs to check inside the house and she walked along with him, to find the water meter has been read.
16/08/2018 12h05 Lismore Avenue, Tokai sports Coat and moon bag B/M, with a Clipboard told resident that he want an extension lead to do something at the neighbor’s house. When the resident turned around the cell phone & HP laptop were missing.
27/08/2018 17h30 Long Street, Constantia dressed in dark clothing Tall male, skin not to dark, with a book in his hand. The suspect stole jewelry from her cupboard
28/08/2018 11h00 Elaine Way, Heathfield Dressed in brown council clothes C/M carrying a clipboard. Stole residents son’s camera with lenses.
03/09/2018 11h00 Chateau Circle, Constantia No description Resident reported an unknown male rang her door bell and ask to gain access onto her premises to cut the neighbors trees. Resident didn’t open.
10/09/2018 11h45 Galway road, Bergvliet dressed in a blue shirt 1 C/M pretending to be a municipal worker (dressed in a blue shirt carrying a clipboard), stole residents wedding rings and engagement rings from the resident’s bedroom.
14/09/2018 15h00 Brommersvlei road, Constantia very neatly dressed in a white top, jeans with shinny shoes Tall Slim B/M and a book under his arm. Suspect was inside of the bedroom but nothing stolen.
17/09/2018 10h50 Edison Drive, Meadowridge dressed in a blue jeans, white jersey A tall B/M and a book under his arm say he need access to cut the neighbors trees from their end of the wall. The resident didn’t open.
17/09/2018 11h15 Urmarah Close, Constantia dressed in a blue jeans, white jersey A tall B/M and a book under his arm say he need access to cut the neighbors trees from their end of the wall. The resident didn’t open.
17/09/2018 No time Urmarah Close, Constantia 1 dressed in a red t-shirt and other blue jeans, white jersey Jackson had another African Male with him the second male was dressed in a red t-shirt – Both of them came out running from Urmarah Close towards Hermina
17/09/2018 15h40 Edison Drive, Meadowridge white shirt & black pants Tall b/m with a black Note book, introduced himself as, same story he is trimming the neighbors tree.
18/09/2018 09H30 Rotherfield Road, Plumstead blue jersey and white shirt underneath, with blue jeans A light of complexion guy. Carrying a clipboard wanting to enter a house.