Good news past few days/week or so

Stolen red BMW – recovered and 2 occupants arrested

Report received that a stolen MV was in a side road in Wynberg, driver possibly looking for a buyer. Several patrollers experienced with assisting SAPS in these types of situations were called upon to help. Quietly directed by the Constantia Watch ops team, after hours of covert observation in various side roads, the occupants eventually returned to the vehicle. SAPS swooped in and conducted the arrests.

Stolen cell phones recovered and thief arrested.

A resident from outside the valley was shopping at a mall in Tokai. When exiting the mall area a thief grabbed his girlfriend’s bag containing both their cell phones, after threatening them with a firearm. They rushed down to the SAPS station to report the matter. SAPS contacted CVIC to assist in tracking the cell phones. The ops team jumped into action and within minutes the location of the cell phones was sent to various responders. The suspect matching the description given was spotted on Ladies Mile getting into a taxi. 2 on duty volunteer Law Enforcement members assisted by an off duty SAPS reservist and security company vehicles, on the instructions of SAPS senior members, stopped the taxi and detained the alleged thief. Both cell phones found in the bag on his person, as well as an illegal homemade firearm. SAPS arrived and took the thief back to the CSC. Charged with Armed Robbery.

House robber nabbed in cross border collaboration 

A suspect house robber tried his luck in Constantia during the mid morning. Excellent description and CCTV footage was obtained. Tracking and checking of the spoor by the Constantia Watch SRT/Ops showed that the perpetrator had gone towards Houtbay. SAPS in Houtbay and responders there were given all details. Later that evening, as various personnel had recognized the perpetrator, he was found and arrested with some of the stolen items still in his possession.

Camera thief nabbed after several nights of hunting

A thief entered a business premises on the border of Constantia/Wynberg/Plumstead. He stole among other items a CCTV camera. The offsite monitoring company extracted great footage and snapshots. The Constantia Watch SRT/ops team recognised the thief. With consent of the SAPS Investigating Officer, the next few days and nights were spent canvassing throughout the area hunting this brazen and habitual criminal. He was found, and he was wearing the same jacket as seen in the CCTV footage. SRT members promptly detained him. He was arrested and is currently in the cells at SAPS Wynberg. A second business was broken into lower down on Constantia Main on the same night as aforementioned, and we believe that he could be linked to this one as well. Information gathered from various informers and resources further leads us to believe that this thief can further be linked to several recent thefts of brass house numbers, murals and more in the Constantia and Bishopscourt areas. Investigations will continue.

Some recent great arrest results from verified LPR (licence plate recognition) alert stops.

  • Gold Honda Ballade – false plates (previous registration) removed – driver warned
  • Blue Toyota allegedly involved with the hijacking of a Mercedes in October – found in Plumstead – 2 occupants arrested
  • White Hilux bakkie identified as involved with theft of refuse bins – found in Plumstead – 1 occupant arrested
  • Black Audi highly suspect – found in Wynberg – 2 occupants arrested on outstanding warrants of arrest in Eastern Cape and Milnerton
  • Red BMW – stolen – found in Wynberg – 2 arrested
  • Red Toyota stopped – narcotics found – 1 arrested
  • White Ford bakkie stopped – narcotics found – 1 arrested
  • White Toyota –stopped – large quantity abalone found – 2 arrested
  • Silver Avanza – Street Robbery – found in Kirstenhof – 3 arrested
  • White Avanza stopped – R2,5 million worth dagga found – 2 arrested
  • White Mercedes stopped – illegal firearm found – 1 arrested
  • Gold Nissan Almeria – plant thief found Constantia – 1 arrested
  • Numerous stolen vehicles recovered

Very well done to our local SAPS members, controllers who do the alert verifications, and the different responders, including N/Watch members, Security Companies personnel, and the Constantia Watch ops team.

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